4 channel class D power amplifier, 4 x 50W @ 4Ω with DSP

The Fi-Amp4D is a state of the art 4 channel Class D amplifier providing 50 Watts per channel @ 4Ω. It provides a front panel access volume control allowing zone level adjustments directly from the amplifier.

The amplifier integrates DSP, providing full crossover functions to create factory presets making the amplifier “plug and play”. A user access application allows the connection of a PC via USB to control a 10 bands graphic equalizer for room tuning.



Class D technology greatly improves efficiency to over 90%. Less power going into heat dissipation, meaning that most power you pay for goes to speakers.

As a result, the amplifier is much smaller in size an lighter, saving precious shelf space. Lower heat dissipation also reduces stress put on each electronic components, extending the amplifier’s lifetime.

USB player and Bluetooth technologies are integrated to make this amplifier a complete control center for your demanding audio needs.

Features Applications Specifications
  • Ultra compact format, only 16,3cm deep
  • Light weight
  • 50 watts per channel in class D
  • Front panel volume control
  • Two balanced inputs on XLR – TRS combo connectors
  • 4 speaker outputs on phoenix connectors
  • Class D design for optimum efficiency
  • Superior sound quality
  • Integrated Bluetooth communication
  • On board WAV / MP3 USB player with front panel controls and Random play mode
  • Front panel LCD display
  • Totally self-sufficient when used as a single unit. No need for external player
  • Smaller scale cafes, restaurants, bars, retails stores installations
  • Home hi-fi
Preamp and Processors
Preamplifier 2 input on combo connectors [2 XLR F balanced, 2 Jack 1/4’’ unbalanced]
2 XLR M link connectors
Discrete Input limiter
Limiting LED indicator
Line/Mic Input selection Phantom power on mic inputs (12Vdc)
DSP processing
USB B for EQ and volume configuration
Controls and Multimedia
USB/SD MP3 player
Volume control
IR receiver
Type Class D amplifier
Operating Voltage 20-25Vdc
Output power 4x 50W (@ 4 Ω )
Protections Short Circuit , Thermal Protection, Overvoltage, undervoltage, DC protection.
Max Out 40Vpp
Gain (line) 31dB
Gain (mic) 62 dB
S/N 82 dB
THD 1Khz 1W 0,020%
Amplifier limit indicator Amplifier LED limit/protect indication
Minimum load 4 Ω
Bandwidth 30 Hz-20 kHz (-3 dB,+0db) preset dependant
Nominal Voltage
Power consumption
External Power supply
Nominal Voltage
Power 100w
Output Voltage 24 Vdc
Net Weight 1,6 kg (3.52 lb)
Dimensions WxHxD 20 cm x 10 cm x 16 cm (7.87’’ x 3.94’’ x 6.30’’)