4 In x 8 Out digital speaker management processor

The FI-P4X8 is a self-contained, fully programmable, Digital Loudspeaker Management System capable of handling full control of loudspeaker system.

The four inputs and eight outputs can be routed in multiple configurations to meet any system requirement.

Full system setup and configuration can be done in real time from the front panel or with the intuitive PC based graphic user interface software via the on-board RS485 and USB ports.

Packaged into a neat 1U rack design, an intuitive and concise front panel with LCD screen enables engineers to make essential adjustments to the speaker configuration with accuracy.

Features Applications Specifications
  • 96KHz sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A
  • USB and RS485 connectors are present for PC connection. 250 units can be connected together via Rs485 and it can be controlled remotely as far as 1500 meters
  • 30 user-program parameters can be stored into the device
  • Safety/security lock buttons provide peace of mind again unwanted changes from unauthorized users or unwanted set-up changes
  • 6 independent parametric EQ of input and output. The gain range is 120dB. The EQ of output channel has two slopes: Lo-shelf and Hi-shelf
  • Every input and output has compensation-delay, phase control and mute settings, delay function offer a maximum of 1000ms
  • Adjustable gain & limiter of output channel; Just choose the input signal and copy all the parameters from one channel to another channel with joint debugging
  • Live sound loudspeaker management
  • Active monitor systems
  • Fixed installations
Input channel jacks 4 CHs,
Female XLR
Output channel jacks 8 CHs,
Male XLR
Input impedance Balanced: 20KΩ
Output impedance Balanced: 100KΩ
PC ports USB (front panel), 2 RS485 RJ45 (back panel)
CMRR >70dB (1 KHz)
Input range ≤+25dBu
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz (-0.5dB)
S/N R ≥90dB@1 KHz 0dBu
THD <0.01% OUTPUT=0dBu/1 KHz
Crosstalk of channels >80dB (1 KHz)
Functions of input channels
Input mute Mute with each input & output channel
Input volume Input gain range: -80dB-+12dB, step @ 1db
Input delay Each input channel has single delay control, range: 0-1000ms; 21pS step-over, 0-10ms; 84 µs step-over,
10ms-20ms; 0.5mS step-over, 20ms-1000ms
Input polarity In-phase (+/+) or reversed phase (+/-)
Input EQ 6-bands if individual parameter EQ; Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz; Gain:-20 db-+20 db; Bandwidth:
Function of output channels
Output mute Each channel has independent mute control
Output selection Each input channel can be selected to each output channel
Output gain Range:-80d°~+12db, step: 1db
Output delay Every input channel has independent compensation delay control, adjust range: 0-1000ms, step-over:
2lus@<10ms,10ms-20ms, step-over: 84us@>20ms, step-over: 0.5ms
Output polarity Same phase (+/+) or reversed Phase (+/-)
Crossover Each output channel can be independently set as LPF or HPF. These parameters can be adjusted.
Filter type: Linkwitz-Riley; Bessel; Butterworth. The crossover frequency: 20Hz-20KHz,
Slope: 12db/oct; 18db/oct; 24db/oct 30db/oct 36db/oct; 42db/oct; 48db/oct
Limiter Limiter present for each output channel.
These parameters are adjustable: Threshold value:-40dbu-+20dbu; step: 0.5dbu.
Attack time: 0.3mS-200mS. 0.1 mS step@0.3-1mS;1ms step @1mS-100ms. Release time: Release ti
Output EQ Each output channel has a 6-band EQ: 3 modes: Lo-shelf/Hi-shelf/parameter.
A: Lo-shelf: Slop: 6dB/12db; Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz; Gain:-20db-20db; B: Hi-Shelf: Slop: 6db/12db;
frequency: 20Hz-20kHz; gain:-20db-20db; C: Parameters: frequency: 20Hz-20KHz,
bandwidth: 0.05oct-3oct; Step: 0.05oct; Gain:-20db-+20db, Step 0.1db
Processor 92KHz sampling frequency, 32-bit floating-point DSP
Display 2 x 24 LCD, 8-LED for input/output level. Mute and editing functions can be displayed
Power consumption ≤25W
Power AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Product dimension(WxDxH) 482X228X44mm
Net weight 4.1 kg
Shipping dimension(WxDxH) 1PC:555X325X98mm/0.0177m³ 6PCS:573X337X615mm/0.1188m³
Gross weight 1PC:5 (kg) 6PCS:31.5 (kg)