Dual Channel UHF Wireless bodypack transmitter with headset or Lapel Microphone, with True Diversity Receiver

The FI-WP2HL system allows for 10 frequency groups, each with up to 16 channels, adding up to a total of 160 usable channels that won’t interfere with each other. The onboard Digital Volume Control system removes the need for a volume control knob and allows for seamless use between different microphone users. Up to 16 transmitter/receiver systems can be used at the same time.

Wireless bodypack transmitter with Headset and Lapel Microphone

The Wireless headset and Lapel Microphone is a vocal microphone suitable for both speaking and live vocal performance. The frequency response replicates that of popular dynamic vocal mics giving crisp, clear mid-range sound that rejects feedback. The Wireless bodypack transmitter ‘s gain control allows for tweaking of mic’s sensitivity to suit the vocal performer.
A back-lit LCD display shows the operational status of the microphone, including current group, channel, battery charge, and lock status. This microphone is perfect for performing bands, weddings and other functions with multiple or animated/ mobile speakers or vocalist.

Dual Channel Wireless Receiver

The Dual Channel Wireless Receiver, easy to use high quality receiver with an impressive pick up range. The receiver uses automatic frequency testing to detect vacant frequencies
in the area. Combine this with infrared synchronisation that automatically pairs the transmitter and receiver to the same frequency, and this system is as simple to set up as 1-2-3! To make life even easier, an onboard digital volume control system automates the volume level outputted ensuring maximum signal strength without distortion / clipping. The result is a clear, even sound between different speakers / singers.

True Diversity Receiver

The unit incorporates two receiving antennas and monitors the signal strength on each antenna, switching automatically to the strongest receiving antenna. This prevents dropouts that can occur due to self-destructive interference patterns of the radio waves, or when a performer moves around stage with the transmitter. This is known as True Diversity reception technology, as opposed to quasi-diversity reception, which uses two antennas but only monitors one at a time, switching when that antenna drops below a certain signal strength, regardless of the strength on the other antenna. 2 Rack ears come with the unit for installing into a rack system.

Other Useful Features

A mute level control on the rear of the unit acts like a noise gate and is useful if there are interference noises when the mic is not being used. The back-lit LCD shows the status of each receiving channel, including the current group and frequency, and active antenna. The 6 segment LED meter indicates RF signal strength and audio input levels.

Features Applications Specifications
  • LCD shows clear working status
  • Digital volume control system light touch button with simple setup
  • True diversity receiver technology, tone key squelch circuit to avoid interference
  • Automatic frequency selection
  • Transmitter battery volume indication
  • Infrared data synchronisation
  • 2 x rack ears included
  • Metal body and rubber end structure for increased drop resistance
  • LCD screen shows group, channel, battery volume, power, gain, mute status
  • RF power adjustment and gain control adjustments
  • Infrared data synchronization.
  • This is the ideal mic for most lead vocalists. It’s also great for stage drama performance.
Frequency Range 470~489MHz / 514~542 MHZ
Modulation FM
Working Range 328’
Optional Frequency 192
Frequency Response 50Hz ~ 15KHz (±3dB)
Dynamic Range > 105dB
THD < 0.5%
S/N Ratio > 102dB(A)
RF Sensitivity < -95dBm
Image Rejection > 60dB
Output Connectors XLR×1/ 1/4-inch connector×1
Audio Output Level XLR: +10dBV / 1/4-inch connector: +8dBV
Impedance XLR: 3KΩ / 1/4-inch connector: 3KΩ
Pilot Tone 32.768KHz
Display LCD
Power Requirements 12V/0.5A DC
Operating Temperature Range 32°F - 122°F
Dimensions 6.299” (W) x 16.142” (L) x 1.732” (H)
Weight 3.858 lb.
Gain Adjustment Rangeaudio input level 0/3/6dB
Input Impedance 5KΩ
Output Power 2mW / 10mW / 30mW
Harmonic Rejection > 50dB
Pilot Tone 32.768KHz
Display LCD
Power Requirements 1.5V x 2(AA)
Battery Life >8H/1300mAH
Dimensions 6.5” x 2.56” x .91”
Weight 4.59oz