Portable Line Array PA System - Subwoofer 12’’

FS12 is a manageable PA sound system featuring 8 x 3,25’’ speakers and a 12’’ powerful subwoofer. The compact line array guarantees high performance in a unique and flexible design. It is unbelievably easy to use and it delivers a perfect sound quality. Sleek and lightweight, its shape has been designed especially for frequently-traveling musicians.

FS12 is a two-way powered PA system ready to be plugged in. The FS12 portable line array PA system features eight 3.25’’ mid/high frequency drivers and one 12’’ bass reflex. It delivers 90 degrees of horizontal coverage and 10 degrees vertical coverage. It has an onboard console with two channels. Provided with Bluetooth technology, it is equipped with handles for easy carrying.

Features Applications Specifications
  • Compact Plug and Play line array System
  • Discreet look for inconspicuous use
  • Line array element configuration (8 x 3,25” speakers) offers exceptional sound coverage
  • Compact speaker system for concerts, conferences and events and more
  • Two-way speaker with built-in DSP for EQ and dynamic limiter
  • Extremely efficient 12’’ woofer driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power
  • Equipped with handles for easy carrying
  • Provided with Bluetooth technology
  • Delivers 90° of horizontal coverage and 10° vertical coverage
  • Integrated USB/SD MP3 player
  • Designed, engineered and tuned in Italy
  • The FS-12 is ideal for mobile and installed applications
  • A good solution for all sizes of indoor/outdoor live event and indoors applications like disco, night club, conference, school auditorium and places of worship
Frequency response 45 Hz - 19000 Hz (-3dB - +1dB)
Power Voltage 100 - 230 Vac 50-60 Hz
Operating Voltage 90-264 Vac
Power rating 600W + 240W
SPL 1W@1mt 96 dB
Maximum SPL 118dB (cont.) - 124 dB (peak)
Impedence 4 Ω + 8 Ω
Horizontal 90°
Vertical 10°
Low Frequency 12’’ bass reflex
High Frequency 8x3.25’’ array
Preamp and Processors
Preamplifier 2 IN on-board with low noise
Preamplifier Balanced DSP output on CH2
Preamplifier Input limiter
Preamplifier Phantom power on mic inputs (12Vdc)
Microphone input gain 30dB
Crossover Two-way speaker with built-in DSP for EQ and dynamic limiter
USB/SD MP3 player
Power Voltage 100-240 Vac , 50-60 Hz
Operating Voltage 90 - 264 V
Power Factor cosΨ = 0,9@360W
Max Output @ 1% sine 1Khz 600 W (@ 4 Ω ) + 600 W ( @ 4 Ω )
Protections Short Circuit , Thermal Protection ( Power Limiting - Thermal shutdown ) , Overload, High frequency output protection
Max Out 85V peak
Gain 26 dB
S/N 115 dB
Damping factor 8 Ω > 1000 @ 8 Ω
Net Weight 24 kg (53 lb)
Dimensions WxHxD 34,8 cm x 173,3 cm x 47,5 cm (13.7’’ x 68.2’’ x 18.7’’)